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About IDT Consulting & Systems

IDT Consulting & Systems; is a joint-stock founded in 2012 in Egypt by a number of young Egyptian engineers with a vision of creating a cutting edge solutions and techniques. With an issued capital of 5,000,000 Egyptian pounds and paid capital of 2,000,000. As it is a modern establishment IDT Consulting & Systems aiming to support the dreams of economic growth and expectations of Egyptians after the political and market stability in Egypt.


IDT Consulting & Systems which is working in the field of technology and software adhered to the cutting edge solutions and techniques. We realized the advantages of cloud solutions and the importance of transforming our applications before we move a major part of them to mobile applications. Our target is to develop enterprise-level solutions to run on the cloud enriched with mobile applications and be ready to extend the scope of the applications to cover the national-level usage in the future. 


Our vision becomes alive as we doing the following:

  • Work closely with our clients, deeply study their needs from the solution, 
  • Combine and integrate multiple technology solutions,
  • Maximize the benefits of the provided solution to the customer,
  • Keep monitoring the quality of the whole process,
  • We also highly consider knowledge transfer to the client staff and keep with them hand to hand until system operation gets completely regular process.

Principles & CSR

As an important part of our CSR strategy, the company started and insisted on the policy of recruiting young staff and qualifying them to be able to compete internationally and support their country beloved. We also put a major emphasis on women economic empowerment to face the challenges that are known for oriental woman. We adopt training, qualification and employing women. We think technology sector is very suitable for them.

Consulting Services

Services provided by IDT Consulting & Systems complete the automation lifecycle starting with the consulting services provided in the very early stages and ....

Software Services

IDT Consulting & Systems have the privilege of excellent experiences to provide exceptional quality software development using the technologies.....

Implementation Services

IDT Consulting & Systems have the workforce and ability to provide Software implementations including:
 Oracle ...

Production Services

Helping our customers move from the software development to start production on their systems.....

IT Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing allows companies to focus on other business issues while having the details taken care of by outside experts...