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Objectives of Headmaster application

  • Access to full control in the management of all operations of the educational institution
  • Development of corporate management systems
  • Facilitate communication between the school and the parent and student
  • Find a different method to the supervision family on the student
  • The provision of an integrated system that allows the enterprise to turn from the traditional format of the paper to electronic format online integrated
  • Provide several reports and statistics which supports the decision making in easy way.

Headmaster Features

  • System settings
  • Students and Graduates files
  • Control and exam results
  • Students accounts
  • Course schedule
  • Questions bank 
  • Transportation Management
  • Library
  • Student Affairs Council decisions
  • Evaluations 
  • Follow up
  • Student elections
  • School supplies
  • Security system

Headmaster Benefits

  • Ease up students in terms of attendance and academic performance through the cumulative record and the follow-up attendance system which provides full information about the students cumulatively on joining the institution to graduate them
  • Assistance in following up the implementation of daily class schedule and provide the necessary reports to management on the progress of implementation of the table.
  • Assistance in the extraction of the necessary documents to the student when needed.
  • To facilitate the operations of registration of pupils both has had profound New or redeployed from other school or registration of the new year.
  • Record and save all data drivers and vehicles and lines of walking.
  • Follow-up to the accounts of the students and premiums
  • Access to the collection of tuition fees in cash or by check
  • Assistance in the preparation of the results of the examinations whether monthly or the results of the period or the final result.
  • The user provided with a very large amount of various reports which would help the administration in the management of school efficiently and to take appropriate decisions.